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// What can I do to prepare my students for the competition and get them excited about engineering?

Conduct an internal bridge building competition at your school. This can help you to decide the team that will participate in our competition. Download the guidelines from your competition location page.

// I've registered for the competition. When will the kit arrive so that we can start building our bridge?

A kit containing bridge building materials will be posted in June. This will allow all schools six weeks to design and construct their bridge prior to Judging Day. The competition guidelines, including mandatory specifications are available to download now on your state’s competition location page.
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// I have heard that the Competition now has a digital component. What does this mean, and how do I get involved?

You are right, this year, we have introduced an optional digital component to the Bridge Building Competition to reflect the increasing role virtual/online environments and programs play in the engineering and testing of bridges.

View the digital component tab on this website or view the competition guidelines for more information.
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// I have read on the website that you need to use SketchUp Make to digitally design my bridge but I have received a trial version of SketchUp Pro. Can I still use it?

The SketchUp Make program is free for all educators and schools to use, and does not require a license. As part of downloading SketchUp Make you may receive a free trial of SketchUp Pro for 30 days. You may wish to design your bridge using the SketchUp Pro trial, however no points will be given for creating your design to scale. You will only be judged on the capability of SketchUp Make.
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// We're having trouble understanding the Guidelines and need advice from an engineering expert. Can you help us?

Yes, certainly. Contact your local engineer for technical assistance. You will find their details on your competition location page.
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// The materials in the bridge building kit we received are broken. What should I do?

Contact your local representative (listed on the right) and we will send you replacement materials. Only materials supplied by Aurecon can be used to build your bridge. The use of materials other than those supplied will result in disqualification from the competition.
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// I've inadvertently deleted the email containing the link to update my team details.
What should I do?

Contact your state representative (listed on the right) and they will resend the link to you.
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// Can we have an extra (fourth) member in our student team?

No, teams are strictly limited to three team members.
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// How do I withdraw my school from the competition?

Contact your local representative (right tab).
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// We've built our bridge, but can no longer attend on Judging Day. Can we still enter it into the competition?

No, unfortunately your student team is required to be in attendance for the testing of their bridge to
be eligible for the competition.
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// I have noticed that other states offer more teams per school than ours. Can I enter more than one team?

No, numbers of teams per school has been ascertained due to the popularity of the competition in each state. The Aurecon Bridge Building Competition has only recently become a national competition. Those states new to the competition will naturally have less schools involved, so we have enabled more teams per school to participate to ensure the competition is competitive, enjoyable on the day and continues to be a success.
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// Is my school able to bring additional people to support the team on the day of judging?

Yes, we do however ask you to keep the numbers to a minimum as venue space is often limited. Please contact your local representative (listed on the right) to confirm the number prior to the event. All students attending the day must bring a signed photography consent form.
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// Is there a new process for receiving prize monies in a more timely manner?

Yes, we have taken on board your comments and have implemented the following improved process. Winning students will be issued their prize money via a Coles Myer Card (Australia) and Prezzy Card (NZ) gift card at the awards ceremony so they can be used immediately by the students. To enable schools to receive their prize money in a more timely manner, we have included a copy of the EFT request form on each location page. We ask teachers to bring a completed form with the school’s bank account details on the day of the competition so the EFT can be processed the next day in our offices allowing schools to receive payment within two weeks.
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// Can I purchase additional copies of the kits so we our school can use for our internal competition or practice on?

Unfortunately not. The guidelines however do outline exactly what is included in the kit and we are more than happy for to you to replicate these kits for your internal competition or practice. Please note the kit sent to you from Aurecon must be the kit you build your bridge with for competition day.
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// I would like to provide feedback and suggestions of improvement on the competition, can I do that?

Hard copy surveys will be available for teachers to provide feedback on the competition day. This survey will also located on the Location Page two weeks before the competition dates to complete and return to your local Aurecon Bridge Building representative. Alternatively, you can contact your local representative at any time to seek information or send feedback.
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// What are the costs involved for students and schools?

The competition is free to enter and participate in. The Bridge Building Kit sent to your school in June is free. Only one kit per team registered will be issued. Any associated costs with running an internal school competition will be at the school’s expense. Methods and associated costs for travel to and from the venue on competition day should be managed by the school. Students and teachers will be required to bring their own lunch to competition day.
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