Welcome to the Aurecon Bridge Building Competition Wellington! You will find all the information and documents below that you need to participate in the competition.


The competition is open to year 9 and 10 students and will be held on the 21st of August at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 55 Cable St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011.

This year, Aurecon is introducing an optional digital design component to the competition to reflect the increasing role virtual/online environments and programs play in the engineering and testing of bridges. See digital option tab above for more information.

Aurecon will supply bridge building kits by the end of June each year to all schools registered for the competition. In the meantime, guidelines containing mandatory construction specifications can be downloaded on the right.

In order to involve as many students as possible from your school, we suggest that an internal school competition be held. The winning team can then represent your school in our competition. Download the internal competition guidelines (on the right) for tips on how to run this activity at minimum cost.

Number of teams allowed per school
Each school may enter up to 3 teams (maximum of 3 students per team).

Winners will receive

All-Rounder Award
The All-Rounder award is won by a team with the highest combined score (strength-to-weight and judges score) – see guidelines for more information. Winners will receive: $1000 prize to school, $100 each to students.
(Sponsorship available)

Efficiency Award
The efficiency award is given to the team whose bridge design has the best strength-to-weight ratio, that is, the maximum amount of weight it can carry/support without collapsing compared to the weight of the structure. Winners will receive: $500 prize to school, $50 each to students.
(Sponsorship available)

Strength Award
The strength award is offered to teams whose bridges reach the maximum mass recorded on the day. Winners will receive: $500 prize to school, $50 each to students.
(Sponsorship available)

Innovation Award
The innovation award will be assigned by the judging panel on the day of the competition. This is a combination of creativity and innovation – how do you stand out from the crowd? Winners will receive: $500 prize to school, $50 each to students.
(Sponsorship available)

Digital Award
The ‘Digital Award’ is new to the competition in 2017. Teams have the option to submit the digital wireframe design of their bridge drafted in SketchUp Make to Aurecon via email one month in advance of the Judging Day events. After the bridge wireframes have been submitted, Aurecon will select the three best Sketchup Make bridge wireframe designs per location and will virtually test these using bridge analysis programs to determine which bridge supports the highest load.

The winners will receive a 3D printed Nudel model of their bridge design that can be displayed at their school.
(Sponsorship available)

*All student prizes are issued in Prezzy Cards on the day of the competition. Prezzy Cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa electronically. http://www.prezzycard.co.nz/.

Contact details of local representatives and engineer for technical questions

Local Representative: Wendy Byrne
wendy.byrne@aurecongroup.com or +64 9 523 8649

Engineer: Graham Nash
graham.nash@aurecongroup.com  or (04) 439 0279