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AP Computer Science Principles Unit 5 csp unit 5 lesson 9 answers

As such, the lesson is meant to give students a way to answer any final questions they have about the Create Performance Task. Your commands should be of the form. Transition: Variables are a bad way to store lists. In addition, some of these exercises will not work in Internet Explorer or Edge browsers. Our test is definitely on code.


Unit 5: Lesson 10 csp unit 5 lesson 9 answers

To learn more about how to use this setting, check out our on this topic. Students then watch a short video introducing arrays and a subset of the operations that can be performed with them. The point to take from this is referencing indexes that are out of bounds will almost never do what you intend, and we'll be learning ways to avoid this as we move forward. The class begins by highlighting the difficulties that arise when trying to store lists of information in a variable. We can use to display the contents of an array just like we would a variable.

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Consult for Feedback Once you have implemented your plan, share your Feedback Guide with your collaborative partner. The description indicates whether the developments described were collaborative or independent but does not give many details. Questions 10 and 18 are exemplary questions because they require students to not only know what the systems are, but to be able to explain how they interact in specific examples. Second, since all of the logic of the conditional can now be found in one line, it is easier to read and understand, making it a better expression of what you are trying say. Note: There may be many possible answers, so pick the one you believe makes the most sense. Investigate each flowchart, mark how many times you believe the loop will run on the line provided, and then justify your reasoning. Explain how your abstraction helped manage the complexity of your program.


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The length of the responses is less than 750 words in length. Explain Abstraction The write-up explains with few details how the abstraction helped manage the complexity of the program. Doing a linear pass over an array a loop that starts at the front of a list and does something to or with each element one at a time until it reaches the end is the most sophisticated programming technique students will encounter in the course and be expected to reason about in an exam situation. I use the to score the assessments. Any form of cheating is not allowed.


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You can always tackle more later, if there is still time. Questions 5, 8, and 17 were notable weaknesses. Helpful Links: So, no I'm not gonna give you answers to that test. Why is it helpful to keep information in lists? Other strengths of this class were 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15. If my test score turns out to be bad though, I will definitely consider bringing up the last point.


AP Computer Science Principles csp unit 5 lesson 9 answers

You will submit your own project and written reflection, but you can receive help and advice from classmates. To make things more interesting, however, we want to be able to change which item we display. As you follow the story Alexis and Michael will solve problems and make decisions about how to write the code, but you will do all of the actual code writing. Decide on 2 improvements which are most critical to make and work to make those improvements. Example shown on the right. The model we suggest is two students sitting side by side, one with the instructions up on her screen, while the other writes code on hers. When we control program flow it is often helpful to think about the ideas in a visual way first.


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If you are using a Google Sites portfolio, see the videos on the on how to embed your google document in your web page. The code in the resulting program should read more like a description of how to solve the problem than like raw code. Before we write the code for backwards let's work on cleaning up our code. This will help you prioritize work later. And there will be times that you may know more than your teacher. Student Instructions Expressions as Indexes: list.


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For example, in computer science, writing computer programs to model and simulate real world events is a hugely important topic. The response fully describes the incremental and iterative development process of the program. A collaborative partner can be someone working on the same project or a different project. Besides the 100 points, they also get an opportunity to come up and shoot a basket for 500 extra points. Students may select 2 or 3 but not all of the correct answers.